The story of CareHood

I have a story – and my story is not particularly different from many.

It starts with a walk where one of my best friends tells me that a mutual friend, Claire, is having surgery soon. The story evolves weeks later and Claire’s surgery has turned into a mastectomy. A few days after the surgery the doctor discovers cancer, and Claire is now undergoing chemo.

In the days and weeks that follow, Claire’s family and friends rally to her support. Meals are made or delivered, children are picked up and played with – and her supportive husband is inundated with calls and texts from everyone he knows asking, “How can I help?”

A few weeks after the surgery, my friend and I are walking together – and we’re trying to think of ways to help Claire. Maybe getting somebody to rub her feet? My friend mentions that someone had in fact sent her a reflexologist who had really helped, but she hadn’t even thought of that could be helpful.

And an idea was born.

What if it were possible to create a service that serves both sides: the friend who is facing a health challenge and those who want to help – all at the same time?

And CareHood was formed.

Here at CareHood, we strive to do two things:

  1. Provide ideas for those undergoing challenging physical or emotional circumstances so they’ll know what might help them
  2. Provide meaningful ways for friends and family around the world to help their loved ones through those challenging circumstances

Our goal is to help friends, family and community make a difference in their loved one’s life.

So from one friend to another, we hope we can be helpful.



Marni Mandell is the CEO and Co-Founder of CareHood. The idea for CareHood was developed out of the challenges she encountered offering care and support for friends who were too far away for her to help when they were in treatment with serious illnesses and other physical challenges.


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