Prepare for the first visit to the hospital with our caregiving tips infographic

Accompanying a loved one to the hospital for the first time can be intimidating and scary. Being the caregiver or the “friend sitting by” is a difficult position: you want to be as supportive as possible without asking too much. And there are no general guidelines on how to do a good job even if just by being there and offering a reassuring presence you are already doing a great thing.

There are a lot of things to remember to make sure that the first trip to the hospital goes seamlessly and they can be hard to remember in a state of stress and anticipation. We’ve come up with a caregiving tips infographic illustrating 10 items to bring along and things to keep in mind before making your first trip to the hospital. Read the original blog post here.

Print this checklist, stick it on your fridge and look at it before leaving.

Caregiving tips infographic

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Learning how to be a caregiver or friend to a loved one going through an illness, treatment or remission takes time. And as we become more experienced, we keep updating our mental how-to checklist. Did we miss any? Share your caregiving tips in the comments.

Salomé is the Social Media Manager for CareHood. Recent graduate in psychology, she is interested in digital healthcare and cancer awareness and prevention.


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