Life after cancer: 3 important things for caregivers to remember

Every day Sharsheret fields questions from family members and friends about how to best support the woman they love after she has faced breast cancer or ovarian cancer. Here are a couple helpful tips based on the wisdom from the women of Sharsheret for life after cancer.

life after cancerAfter Treatment

Remember that healing is a long term process. On the outside, the woman you love may look the same as she did before her diagnosis, but she has been changed by this experience. She has survived and managed the medical, physical, and logistical aspects of cancer. She may now be ready to look back and emotionally process what has happened. She may also worry about her future risk of recurrence.

Embrace who she has become during this journey; continue to follow her lead and be a good listener. Let her know you are still there for her.

For some women, the journey continues. The woman you love may be living with advanced breast cancer or recurrent ovarian cancer as a chronic illness. Her feelings and experiences may fluctuate, so it’s important to follow her lead and, as always, be a good and compassionate listener. Regularly review these helpful hints and continue the meaningful and caring support that you have been offering throughout her experience. Remember to pace yourself, use your own support system, and delegate responsibilities when necessary.

Sharsheret is a Jewish non-profit supporting breast cancer survivors and those who are at risk or have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer.


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