How saying “I love that I suck” helps me get through anything

In the year 2000, Keeping the Faith came out about a priest and a rabbi vying for the attention of a women neither of them could have. And while the premise of the movie in no way relates to my life at the moment, there was a line in the movie that I repeat to myself consciously as I go through tough times.

One of the minor characters in the movie is a 13 year old boy who is practicing for his bar mitzvah. As some of us can remember, our voices – and particularly boys’ voices – at this pivotal age, are in flux. They are rarely perfect and painful screeches come out as we stand looking embarrassed and praying to go unnoticed.

And yet, in this scene the rabbi is sitting beside him, witnessing this embarrassment, and says something profound. He tells the kid to “embrace the suck.” They create a chant “I love that I suck. I love that I suck. I love that I suck.”

I replay this scene in my head often, when I’m smack dab in the middle of the awful. When I think about the past 3 months, many difficult situations come to mind – illness, death and broken bones.

There have been so many times I have simply wished to be out of this current period, to already move on to an easier time. A time filled with more laughter, more joy, and certainly filled with lessI love that I suck stress and worry.

And then, sometimes, I remember this scene, where this rabbi sits next to him to support him through the “suck.” Helps him to embrace it – much like my friends and family have helped to embrace me and us.

And it is only through this support that I can see the glimmer at the end of the tunnel – and know that by accepting the help that they so want to provide, I am giving both myself and them the gift of being helpful.

Here’s to hoping that CareHood helps you to “embrace the suck” and helps you give your loved ones the opportunity to support you through these sucky times like mine has me.

Marni Mandell is the CEO and Co-Founder of CareHood. The idea for CareHood was developed out of the challenges she encountered offering care and support for friends who were too far away for her to help when they were in treatment with serious illnesses and other physical challenges.


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