How CareHood works?

CareHood helps you face health-related hardships with the emotional and physical support of your family, friends and community


Open a CareHood

Open a CareHood with three easy steps. It starts with you telling us a little about yourself and the situation you are facing, so we can recommend the services, tasks and gifts that will help you during this time.


Set up your help calendar

Set up all task and errands on a calendar so your family and friends will know when you need help and can volunteer.


Let people in

Invite your family, friends and community to your CareHood so they can understand what will be helpful to you and pitch in.


Start getting help

Sit back and see how your CareHood members help with daily tasks and errands and provide you with funds for services and gifts that will make your life easier.


Focus on getting better

The more help your CareHood provides with your everyday life, the more time you have to rest and focus on getting better.


Withdraw funds any time

All gifts and financial support will be transferred to your CareHood account and you can withdraw them at any time for your use.


How to help with CareHood?

Daily tasks and errands

Provide help with the daily tasks and errands that will take the stress off of day-today needs.


Professional help

Provide your friends with services that will make their lives easier such as: house cleaning, laundry service, food delivery and more.


Caring Gifts

Show your friend that you love and are thinking about them by sending them a Caring Gift that will put a smile on their face.


Emotional support

Get updates from your friends and respond with well wishes, support messages, pictures and emojis.


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