About CareHood


CareHood is the place where caregivers go to learn what can help the people they love – and where their friends, family and community can pitch in to help support them along their path.

As friends and family members go through challenging times – whether the’re health-related or physical challenges, we know that others want to be able to step in to help. But many times, we don’t even know what will help – or how we might need it.

CareHood makes the process simple by recommending, based on the circumstance, what might be helpful – and allowing you to build a CarePackage that your friends and community can take part in.

Through our own experiences with friends and family with health and crisis issues, we know that it was only through community support that we were able to make it through – and we want to make it as easy as possible for friends and family near and far to be a part of the process.

How CareHood started?

In 2015, two friends were diagnosed with cancer. One lived down the street and the other across the globe. In both cases we felt a similar sense of helplessness – What could we do? What do they need that would actually be helpful?

Then we learned that one had received a visit from a reflexologist as a gift and “by chance” it was actually REALLY helpful.

The idea was born – Build a place where caregivers and loved ones could learn what has been helpful with others to manage and improve their situations from others in similar situations – and then give their family, friends and community the opportunity to pitch in to help from near and far.

As we learned from people’s experiences, we heard how countless situations were eased by the pitching in of friends, colleagues and loved ones – but that there were things that would come up and take them by surprise.

The more people we talked with, the more that we received great feedback and ideas. With every new person came another situation that could be relieved through the simple belief that it takes a community – a “Hood”.

CareHood Team

Marni Mandell | CEO & Co-Founder

Marni Mandell founded CareHood from within sFBI, where she initially served as the VP of Business Development & Investor Relations. The idea for CareHood was developed out of the challenges she encountered offering care and support for friends who were too far away for her to help when they were in treatment with serious illnesses and other physical challenges.
Marni’s professional experience spans 15 years in executive-level management in the high tech startup world of Israel & the not-for-profit sector in the United States. Marni previously served as VP of Business Development at Payoneer and the Head of Business Development at Roojoom where she led key sales and partnership initiatives. Prior to this, Marni was the Executive Director of the American Friends of Jordan River Village, a partner camp of the Serious Fun Network, dedicated to serving children with serious illnesses.

Enon Landenberg | Co-Founder

Enon Landenberg, CEO of sFBI and Co-Founder of CareHood, has felt the need for a helping platform for caregivers and the their families, during the time his mother underwent cancer treatments, and is deeply connected to the problem and committed to find a new solution that would help families during challenging times.
Enon is the Founder, Dreamer, & Doer at sFBI (Small Factory of Big Ideas) and was the co-founder and managing partner of E-Dologic, Israel’s first interactive advertising agency, which was founded in 1999. In 2001 E-Dologic was acquired by Publicis Group SA and Mr. Landenberg served as Chief Interaction Officer at Publicis E-Dologic until January 2013.

Oded Lavie | Product Manager

Oded Lavie lost his uncle to ALS disease. During his uncle illness, he saw his family undergo challenging times, and how his uncle’s larger family, friends and community pitched in and helped.
Oded Lavie was formerly Digital Creative Director for Baumann-Ber-Rivnay, Saatchi & Saatchi, where he built tech-creative campaigns for clients like P&G, Sprite, Google, ICL, IsraCard, Mazda, and Ford. In tandem he served as a storytelling adviser to the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator as part of the BBR-Microsoft partnership, and is a current Story-telling adviser to H-Farm accelerator in Italy. Oded Graduated from Haifa university with a degree in Psychology, and holds an MBA degree from Tel Aviv University.

Gil David | Lead Developer

Gil is CareHood’s full-stack developer, leading the development of CareHood’s web platform. Formerly, he was a front-end developer at Netcraft Israel and a web developer at Elad Software Systems. Mr. David is an expert in JavaScript, CSS, HTML, jQuery, HTML5, Backbone.js, and Handlebars.js. He graduated from Tel Aviv University with degrees in Psychology and Philosophy.

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